This is the first blog post I am actually doing. How creepy!

It has been 1 year and almost 5 months since the release of the very first volume of Itsuwaribito was released in the USA and yet, I was not thinking of negative comments about it. So, this is the first time I will tell you how I got into manga. But I will edit every once in a while due to the face this was not blocked from my school!

It all began in the year 2008. I used to watch the anime all the time and I have been bored about it and very angry when they finally decided to end Toonami and now we kind of get crappy shows on Cartoon Network!!!! To continue, I lived in Syracuse,Ny until my family finally decided to leave to Chittenango, where the creator of the Wizard of Oz lived in!(no, he didn't grew up in Kansas). Out of random, I randomly went to look for something to read and saw the first volume of Naruto and after a minute, I learned how to read the japanese way!! Then after six months, I finished the first forty volumes of Naruto!

This blog is my first. Then I will do one on a character from itsuwaribito. See you until then!